Coed and Men’s Tournament 9/18/21!

Contact us to get your team signed up, or if you are looking to play and don’t have a team!!
* Coed rule is 6/4, 7/5, 5/5 or 6/6 and batting order does not matter as long as no more than 2 guys are batting in a row and fielding does not matter as long as pitcher and catcher are opposite genders
* $250.00 per team and $4.00 gate fee per person
* 1 home run for guys, girls are unlimited. HR bracelets $10 a piece or $50 for unlimited.
* 1 pinch runner per gender per inning
* Bring your own balls
* Any legal balls (no stadium)
* Any legal bats (no senior)
* Girls can walk anytime a guy walks. If a guy is behind a guy that walKs that guy only goes to 1st base.
* 50 minute time limit

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